Sunday, 27 May 2018

I've been hiding?????

Crikey ... I hope you can you find me????  You might have to biggefy the pictures.

I'm here .... honest!!

See me NOW?????

This one's a bit easier.

It was easy, aye??

But this one's hard.  Get a load of those ducks.  I sure wanted to chase them.

BUT ..... I didn't. How good was I?????

AND here I am ..... out in the open!!  Am I ageing well?????

Mum says I don't have to hide as much anymore. She's still having trouble with her eyes but she's had a lot of work done on one of them lately and she now has one pretty good eye. The other one is still a bit of a mess but ... hey ...... you only need one, aye??  We won't be back as much as we used to be but we are going to try and do at least one post a week.  I've got so much to tell you. Crikey I've missed all you blokes and sheilas and can't wait to find out what you have been up to. 
Thought you may like to see how much the little girls have grown and Herbie, the pest!!  Oh my .... he's HUGE!!
Izzi, Miss G and Jo.

They're growing up fast, aye??  Izzi's got no front teeth.  

I'll be back soon with some of my adventures.  I made the lost pets page on the book of faces one day.  I escaped and no-one could catch me.  It was a very big adventure for me. I could have died!!  I'll tell you about it next week, aye?? 

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie!! 


  1. Charlie, you are so well camouflaged in the Aussie bush. I look forward to hearing of your big and dangerous adventure.

  2. I haven't see you in agers but I been missing in gaps too life sometimes gets busy see you soon .

  3. the mama needed 3 pigtures to see ya... even with her new glasses... you are a hiding-pro ;O)

  4. hari OM
    Even when biggified, you are well-disguised, Charlie mate!!! Oh it is good to see you though!!! Glad mum's got some relief and can help you out a bit more again... cuz we sure did miss ya. Much as your peeps musta when you had your adventure... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. We've missed you and can't wait to hear all about your adventures, Charlie!

  6. Hey Charlie glad you are out of hiding and survived.
    That is great that mum has at least one good eye now, hope the other one gets better soon.

  7. Charlie we're so glad to hear from you. But the thought of you being lost makes my stomach hurt. Hope Mom's other eye gets good soon. You are such a handsome devil.
    Love Skittlez

  8. Hey Charlie, great to see you back. We thought you had gone into hiding for ever. But no. Hooray! And my look at how those fine girls have grown.
    Toodle pip!

  9. Hello, Charlie! It's great to "see" you again. The girls sure have grown! The cardis 3 and the New SPoo

  10. So happee to c u - we thinkz we saw u in thoze pikchurez. One of'em wuz really really hard. Our mom wuz so glad the doktor cood help her eye - she still haz a few little problemz sumtimez butt they never last long. So happee to read that your mom got sum relief an'that u don't hafta hide like u wuz. Thoze girlz r growin'up - gittin'big. Lookin'forward to seein'u agin.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  11. Charlie! It's always great to see you (or not see you as in a couple of those pictures. haha) We're glad everything's going OK with you and your family. The girls are sure getting big and look absolutely lovely. Hope to see you again soon, mate!

  12. So good to see you Charlie!!! WE have missed you
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. Hey Matey Charlie...OMCs you escaped and ended up on the wanted page of the book of faces? Thank goodness you were found. Jumpin' catfish matey don't do that again.
    Hugs and kitty kisses madi your bestest feline matey

  14. HEY DUDE! OMD, it's great to see you back! Yeah, it's a bummer when we puppers have to rely on the peeps to do our bloggies! It's very annoyin'. Anyhu, I hopes your Moms eyes are better! You knows I've been thinkin' of you guys, and sendin' AireZens! Sounds like the dogtor helped her! That is pawsome! I can't waits to hear all that you've been up to....butts that missing day sounds scary!! Ma would have a heart attack if I ran away! BOL!!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Charlie, we really had to search very hard to find you. But we are so happy to see you. We hope your Mom's vision improves. Our Dad has one good eye and one not so good too. Those little girls are so pretty and getting so grown up!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. I've wondered where you've been hiding! Good to see you, and I so hope to see you all again! ...Good vibes for your Mom from our corner in the US, just to make sure!

    Take care!

  17. You sure blend well with the shadows Charlie!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. So glad you and mom is back. I will keep your mom in my thoughs
    Coffee is on

  19. Glad to see you're doing fine Charlie. And hearing that your Mum is doing great is good news as well.

    Mara from NI

  20. And, by crikey! We've miss you both, two, too!

    Great to have you bark...back!

    Take good care! :)

  21. It as great to see you again. We have missed you and your family. Our mom has been working on one good eye two but she used to have two bad eyes so things are looking up. Our best to you, your mom and your family.

  22. Hi hi hi! It's so good to see you back, friend! We are glad your person's eye (at least one of them) is a little better! Also, you are not running in these pictures! There must be something worth being still for?

    Happy running, friend!

  23. Hi Charlie!
    It's good to have you back.

    Noodle and crew

  24. Ca=harlie! You are such a rascal! Though I bet you had lots of fun rnning like the wind...wheeeee! Till you got tired out and got caught.
    Angel MJF ran off a few times when he was a youngster too...until we got our fence, then he did not even leave the porch...I think he knew he couldn't RUN!

    I think I would like to have a go at that running stuff, but well, I did plenty enough of that in Texas before I came to this great forever home.

    Charlie, I and petcretary and even Pipo hope that your Mom will soon be done with all this awful eye trouble. Wow, she has had a timeof it:(

    We are glad you are back, and we will look forward to your posts!
    Those pretty gals look so sweet! How they have grown:)

    PS, my regular blog is not allowing some peeps to comment, but there's a link to the word press blog which has the same posts on it...

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