Monday, 28 November 2016

Is this uncanny or what??

Did you see Aunty's last post?  You can see it here if you like. It was all about a fun day in Edinburgh park.  In SCOTLAND!!  It looked like a great day but I had a bit of a moment whilst looking at it cause there, like halfway down the page, was a picture of a bloke, a VERY HANDSOME bloke I might add, that looked EXACTLY like ME!  FAIR DINKUM!!!!!!!!  He did look a bit bigger so I knew it wasn't me but crikey ......  it was uncanny!  Check it out, aye, and tell me what you think??

This is the bloke in Aunty's post!! In SCOTLAND ...

AND this is ME!!  Just in case you didn't know ... at the BEACH ...

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I went boating!!

Crikey I had a great weekend.  I went boating!!  The little girls came too.  We had a lot of fun.  We didn't think we'd be going because there was a big storm the night before. We went to the beach but it was a bit scary with all the lightning so we came home pretty quick smart.
We had the beach to ourselves. The storm must have scared everyone away, aye??  
It was nice in!!
Pretty, aye??  
This is what it looked like when we got home
These two corellas' where heading for the hills.  
 The next morning was a bit cloudy but it was warm so off we went .... BOATING ... and after a little while the sun came out and we had the best time EVER!!  What do you reckon??  Does it look as if we were having a good time??
I got lots of attention
The little girls were waving to the people on the ferry. 
Miss Izzy's growing up, aye??  
AND look at Miss G!  She wears clothes all the time now and look how BIG she is!!
AND our Jo ..... crikey she's a lovely!!
That's where we went.  Up the river!!  
I was lookout man!!
No ...... no sharks round here!!
So I got to have a little snooze.  

Wanna run .... love Charlie.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Good and bad .... just like the OP pack!!

Whilst I've been missing in action there's been some good and bad things happen around our way. Do you remember just before I disappeared how my two legged sister, Jenni and her family lost dear, sweet Mortimer Moo, their miniature cow, to a paralysis tick. You can read about it HERE if you like. Well when Morty died his mate, Maggie Moo, was very, very lonely and although peeps promised the family another mini cow (they couldn't afford to buy another one) it just didn't happen.  So Maggie was VERY lonely and VERY sad.  My cousin Murphs, the labradoodle, and all round good bloke, did his best to keep her company but he was getting on a bit and couldn't be with her all the time. He needed his rest as old dogs do. So poor Maggie spent her days being very sad and very lonely but she was coping ok with the help of Murphs and the extra attention Jen and the little girls gave her.  But ...... and this is the very saddest part ..... Murphs wandered off from his home through a gate that was accidentally left open. Something he had never done before. You could leave every gate on the property open and he wouldn't go anywhere but he was getting old and a bit forgetful and he wandered off.  Oh boy ..... I don't know how to say this it's just sooooo awful ..... but he was hit by a car.  One of the neighbours hit him.  He was killed instantly. The neighbour was devestated. He knew Murphs well. Everyone did. He was the best dog EVER.  Everyone loved him. The three little girls loved him. Jen had him before they arrived into the world. He welcomed each one of them and loved and protected them.   PoppyPooPoo pants loved him, the chickens loved him, the guinea pigs loved him, Morty and Maggi loved him.  I LOVED HIM!!  OMD he was a great cousin. The BEST!!  He was 15 years old and his health was deteriorating but we all felt he would last another few years. No-one could imagine life without Murphy. What a bummer, aye??
We sure will miss him.  The one with the big white flower was on our Jen's wedding day. He was the ring bearer.  

With Miss G a few years back with Phillip the chook on his back. Let me near Phillip and she'd be in my MOUTH not on my back. Yes ..... Phillip was a sheila.  Go figure!!  

Poor Maggie Moo now had no-one to keep her company so something had to be done and a miniature cow hunt began in earnest. To make a long story short we found one ...... Her name is MOOOOOOOORIEL.
Meet Moooooriel!!  Cute, aye??
She arrived just last week. I was there when she arrived but I didn't get to have a sniff as everyone thought I would upset her and thought it best for her to settle in before they let me loose.  Hmmmmmmph!!  What did they think I would do??  I'm good with Maggie. I don't chase her too much. Besides she can handle herself. She comes at me and tries to butt me.  She's a bit scary actually but don't tell anyone I said that, aye??  Anyway Maggie is over the moon.  She won't let Mooriel out of her sight and Moooriel has settled in nicely. They are besties.  How good is that??

I think they like each other

Now all that's left to do is find a puppy for the little girls. Mum is onto it. She's been searching and searching for the right one for the family.  A very difficult job. Murphs is pretty much irreplaceable but she thinks she's found the right one now.  It's a little spoodle, called Moca at the moment but I think that will change.
Pretty cute, aye??  

He's was born on the 13th October so he's just 4 weeks old now.  Mum and Dad are buying him for the little girls for Christmas. He might have to live with us for a little bit but that's ok with me.  I'm good with puppies NOW!!  I used to give 'em a helluva time but I've settled or so Mum says.  I dare say she'll keep a very close watch on me.  But I'll be good .......  I PROMISE!!!!!

Wanna run ..... Love Charlie!!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

For Aunty!!

Crikey .... I was reading about Aunty's trip with her blogging friend and the names of the places they visited brought back all kinds of memories for Mum and she promised Aunty that she would tell about a funny incident  she and Dad had whilst over in Bonny Scotland.  Soooooo I'm going to be such a good bloke and let her loose on MY blog!!!  Fair dinkum ..... am I the the most generous bloke in the world or what??????  Over to you Mum!!

Thank you Charlie.  I do appreciate your generosity so I'll get on with it with no further ado .....

It was a long time ago and the visit to Scotland is now a distant, but very pleasant memory.  This one part, however, gave Charlie's Dad and me such a chuckle that I feel Aunty and you might just enjoy it.
It was our very first overseas trip. Well apart from NZ and here in Australia that doesn't really count. Not that we don't love NZ. We do. I can't remember the year but it was in the early 1980's and what an adventure it was for us.  The mention of Loch Linhhe in Aunty's post sent me into peals of laughter at the memories of our time there. Here's what happened.
We had been travelling all day. It was getting late and we were yet to find accommodation when we saw this charming little B and B on the banks of Loch Linnhe.  Now as you know my name is Lynn but EVERYONE calls me Lynny. Who knows why?  At my age it sounds a little ridiculous but it's too late to change anything now.  Because of this connection Loch Linnhe sounded pretty good to us. In we go and a dear, elderly, Scottish lady showed us a room which we accepted for the night.  The bathroom was down the hall a bit but that was ok with us. The lady told us it was a share bathroom and please not to use the bath as it had been previously booked.  This caused a little concern and we asked what time it was booked for as we did want to have a bath. She said .... 'NOW'.  We asked if there was anywhere nearby to have a meal and were told the pub down the road had meals. We asked her about the quality of the meals to be told she had never been there so didn't know. We said we would give it a go and could we book the bath for after dinner.  She said yes but not to be back late. Apparently she had to run the bath for us.  We had our meal at the pub (and very good it was too) to return to find our bath awaiting us.  She said we would have to share as there was no more hot water.  Oh my ..... we looked in the bath and, so help me God, there was about two inches of luke warm water in the bottom.  She left after informing us that breakfast was at 7.30am sharp.  Needless to say we didn't get a bath that night but we did manage a good sluice down and then off to bed for us.  Our room was lovely and the bed extremely comfortable.  I have never seen a room so clean. I couldn't find a speck of dust anywhere and I looked.  Even on top of the wardrobes. That room was immaculate as was everything else in the cottage. We slept extremely well and the next morning headed for the dining room with a little trepidation.  This place was so quiet. If anyone else was staying there you'd never have known.  We sat ourselves down a few minutes before 7.30am to a table beautifully set for two. The only table in the room which WAS set.  We were feeling a wee bit uncomfortable as there was no-one around and everything was so clean and so quiet.  On the dot of 7.30am a clock chimed and a head popped out of a servery window and asked if we would like tea or coffee with our breakfast.  We replied tea and before we knew what hit us the dear lady appeared with the most wonderful, full Scottish breakfast you have ever seen.  It was delicious and served beautifully. We enjoyed every mouthful.  We could not engage the lady in conversation as much as we tried.  When we went to pay for our nights accommodation, our bath (?) and breakfast we were most surprised to find it so reasonable.  We tried to give her more money but she refused to take it.  I left a note in our room thanking her for a lovely stay and also a few little nick nacks from Australia.  We still don't know if anyone else was staying there that night but I very much doubt it.  Who that other bath was for I shudder to think.  Oh ..... Loch Linnhe ..... we'll never forget it.

Add caption

Thank you Charlie!!  I do hope I didn't ramble on too much for you.  I'll post a few photo of you to make up for it, aye?  I haven't any photos of our trip to Scotland but if you visit Aunty's blog you'll find heaps and she does a much better job than I could ever do.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I'm alive and well!!

Crikey...... It's been FOREVER, aye??  A big apology from me to the ones of you that have been a tad worried.  I'm well and happy but Mum's got a few eye problems and we just can't be here too much. She doesn't want to go into all the boring details but we do want you to know that we are well and happy and will try and drop in from time to time. We've also changed over from Windows to Apple so that is a BIG challenge for her too.  I can't remember where we were at the last time I was around so I'll just show you a few pictures of the last few months for now and try and do better next time, aye??  I sure have missed being around all you blokes and sheilas. I've missed you a lot and will try and get to say g'day and catch up on as much gossip as I can from time to time.  One thing I did see was that Sarge is part LONG HAIRED DASCHUND!!!!!!!!!!  Fair dinkum?????????  OMD!!  Who'd have thunk that?????????  AND Bertie's in Switzerland or Germany or somewhere.  Crikey I can't wait to read about THOSE adventures.  I hope he didn't escape from any trains or anything.  Oh and Aunty ..... what the heck have you been getting up to??  I sure have some catching up to do. There's just so many of you that I've missed  ... HEAPS!!   Bella, Roxy and Dui .... How are you going??  Has Dui calmed down any yet??  Oh there's just too many to mention. Mr JF Sir????  I looked for you but it's been a while for you too, aye??  Jelly ..... have you disappeared again??  I've been seeing a few of you on the book of faces but for all the rest .... I'll catch up soon, aye??  Well on to some pictures if Mum can remember how to do it.

Ok so you've seen this one before but I thought maybe it would remind you just in case you'd forgotten. 

Mum and Dad left me in my crate when they went out for 2 hours.  I showed 'em.   Nothings changed, aye??   

We stayed on a farm for a bit of a holiday.  Look who I got up close and personal with. 

We saw heaps of wombats at the farm. Here's me checking out one of their homes. 

Yep ...... I still LOVE ice-cream. How good was this??  It wasn't my birthday!!

This bloke's been coming around for a feed most days.  He's so cheeky he'd come inside if I weren't in there.  Jo's getting bigger, aye??

Am I good looking' ??

Or what??

Oh and this was just the other day. Yep ..... they dressed me up AGAIN!!  Nothing's changed in my world, aye??

Wanna Run ... Love, Charlie.  (crikey I nearly forgot how I finished off there for a minute or two).

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I'm BACK!!

Crikey it's been a while, aye??  Well occasionally is better than NEVER I s'pose.  Not much has been happening. Just the same old, same old!!  BUT ... we did have a good day at the beach yesterday.  We saw WHALES!!  BUT ..... Mum left her phone in the car so NO PICS so I s'pose you won't believe me. They were right in close to shore and they were breaching and tail flapping and everything.  Crikey it was something to watch.  I sure wish we had some photos.  We went to the river after that and Mum made sure she had her phone with her.  At dusk the rainbow lorikeets come home to the trees around the river to stay overnight.  OMD!!  The noise is deafening.  Thought you might like to hear what they sound like.   

But first a photo of me just so you don't forget what I look like, aye?? 
I sure hope this works. Mum's not good with getting videos on here.

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

A busy week of birthdays!!

Crikey we've had a busy time at our house lately but first I want to thank everyone for their very kind words after we lost our Mortimer Moo.  We are all coming to terms with our loss and things are returning to normal. Murphy is still a tad sad but doesn't visit the grave site quite as much as he did initially.  Maggi Moo seems to be coping by herself.  The little girls, Jen and Murphy have been spending a lot of time with her and she follows them everywhere but so far she doesn't seem to be too sad over being the only cow on the property. It will be a while before a new one arrives so we are all hoping she won't be too sad until then. She is an absolute sweetheart and we all love her so much.  Even ME!!!  That surprises you, aye??  Well ...... you should smell her!!  You'd like her too. There's nothing quite like Maggi Moo aroma.
But to get to my busy week.  We've had 3 birthday's all within two weeks of each other. Miss G, Miss Jo and Dad. Miss G's was 2 weeks ago. She turned 4. Getting to be quite a BIG, aye??  She's the baby of the family .... well except for me. I'm only 3.  She had a great day!  Went to a jumping castle joint with some of her preschool buddies in the morning and came back to our house in the arvo for present time and birthday cake cutting etc.  Mum made her cake and she and Jen decorated it. Crikey they are getting good at this cake thing.  Miss G. wanted a FROZEN cake. Not a frozen cake as in a freezing cold cake but a frozen cake as in the movie Frozen.  Mum and Jen did one for Miss Izzi a few years back so this time it was a lot easier for them but they still think they did a brilliant job and it was much better than the one they did for Miss Izzi.  What do you think??  Which one is best??

Miss Izzi's 2014
Miss G's.

On Saturday we celebrated Miss Jo and Dad's birthday together. Miss Jo turns 9 on the 13th and Dad turns ANCIENT on the 11th. Crikey that's today!!  It was a good day too. Miss Jo went to see  Finding Dory in the morning with a few of her school friends and then the family came back to our house for presents and cake etc.  Just like Miss G's day, aye?? Only this time there were 2 cakes. One for Pop Pop (that's what the little girls call Dad). Mum and Jen didn't make Pop Pop's cake. Jen's husband and the little girls made it.  Pretty good job they did of it too, aye??

Mum and Jen did Miss Jo's cake.  She wanted a FAT rabbit cake. She's a bit obsessed with fat rabbits at the moment.  Now I think this cake is the best cake EVER.  Mum and Jen were both very happy with it.  Its Funny when they decorate the cakes. They really put a lot of love into each and every one and they also like all the adults to contribute something. Dad ALWAYS smooths the undercoat icing. He's so funny. He loves doing it and thinks Mum and Jen couldn't possibly decorate a cake without him. He hovers around like a fly around a honey pot until it is his turn.  Then he takes his trowel and small tool and proceeds to smooth the icing. Yes ..... he's a builder!!  He does clean the trowel etc. before he starts.  Mum was a bit horrified this time as he had to sand them down before using them. She did scald them in boiling water before she let him at it.

That is Miss G's cake but we didn't take a picture of him doing Miss Jo's. 
Jen's hubby always has a hand in it too.  We always find something for him to do. For Miss Jo's cake he got to make the fence. My job .....  I'm the taste tester!!!!  Miss Jo had the best day.  She said it was the best birthday EVER!!  I think she says that every year.  BUT it was a very good day.  The icecream was still the best part for me though.  Crikey I LOVE birthdays. So much icecream!!!!!!!!!!  
Pretty neat, aye??

Isn't she the sweetest little girl???  Crikey I love her.  She loves me too!! 
Pop Pop and two of his Princesses
Hmmmmmph!!  Another one of the cake.  Well Mum is VERY proud of it.
What a nice family, aye??  Can't you just tell the personalities of the girls by this photo.  What do you reckon?? 

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.