Friday, 15 December 2017

Izzi's birthday!!

Crikey ..... I haven't shown you any pics of the little girls for a while, aye??  They sure are growing up fast.
I think they love me!!
I sure love her!!
Miss G broke her arm a short while back.  Kidd'n that wasn't a drama!! The worst part was that she couldn't go swimming and it's HOT here!!  Miss G. loves swimming BUT ..... remember how she used to always go NAKED.  Well ..... NOT ANY MORE!!!  She won't let anyone see her naked these days.
Not a happy camper, aye??

Oh dear!!

AND we've just celebrated Miss Izzi's 7th Birthday!!  SEVEN ..... crikey where did those years go.  She wanted an emoji cake so Mum and Jen went to work and came up with one for her.  It wasn't one of their best efforts but Miss Izzi liked it.
She would have liked the poo emoji but Mum and Jen  didn't want to encourage her toilet humour.

She was pretty happy with it all, anyway!!

AND Miss Jo ..... what to say ..... just as sweet as ever!!!  She's my favourite but don't tell anyone.  She gives the best cuddles and always has time for me.  She's learning the piano and doing ever so well. Mum went to her end of year concert the other day and she reckoned Miss Jo was the best performer there.  Not biased at all, aye??
She played When the Saints go marching in and Jingle bells.  

That Christmas tree star was very aptly positioned, aye?

So there's a bit of a catchup on the girls and I'll finish off with an update on HERBIE.  Oh my ..... what a pest!! He's 1 now and still drives me to distraction.  He LOVES me and is in my face all the time and he NEVER rests.  I do like it when he visits but I like it even better when he goes home.

He's so brown he's hard to photograph and look how big he is.  He weighs more than me and he's always on top of me.  big meanie.  

Wanna run ........ Love, Charlie.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Hello ......

Hello ....... is there anyone out there that remembers me??????????

Wanna run ...... Love charlie!!

Friday, 8 September 2017

My first flower Friday!!

Crikey ...... you all know my Secretary is hopeless and couldn't join a blog hop if her life depended on it but I just have to join in on Arty and Jakey's flower Friday this week because we found a VERY SPECIAL flower just the other day and we immediately thought of our dear and wonderful friend, Dory.  She might be at the bridge now but she's still in all our hearts, aye??  So here's the special flower ...
DORYanthes EXCELSa!!!!!!!!!  It grows abundantly here in Australia and is known commonly as the Gymea Lily. 
The name is derived from Ancient Greek language and Dory means spear and anthes means FLOWER (how apt for Dory, aye?) And we all know what excelsa means, aye, cause our Dory sure excelled.  Matter of fact she was EXCELlent.
Sorry we aren't around much but Mum's old eyes just aren't up to it.  She's fit and well though so don't worry, aye?  I'm great ...... but then ..... that goes without saying, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

I've got a cave!!

Crikey ..... get a load of this??  They made my crate into a cave.  I love it ..... what do you think??

Yep ..... they took the door off ..... It's taken 4 years but I can now be left at home alone for 3 whole hours without wrecking the house.  4 hours might test me though.  

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Jo's BIG day ..... she's in double figures!!

Our Jo turned 10.  Yes ...... our LITTLE Jo ..... TEN!!!!!!!!!  Oh my ...... Mum's still in shock.  She was there when she was born and it only seems like yesterday to her..  Dear little Jo .... she's such a sweetheart.  She's my favourite of all the Grandkids.  She really loves me and hangs with me more than the others do. I love 'em all but Jo's special.  Mum and Jen made her cake. Now that she's in double figures they aren't doing number cakes anymore so they put their hands to their first ROUND cake. Jo wanted a unicorn cake so Mum and Jen went to work and came up with this little number.
Cute, aye??
Look at all those pressies!!
Jo loved it.  Mum and Jen weren't so happy. It was difficult for them.  They tried a technique they hadn't tried before and they had a lot of trouble but it turned out ok in the end.  The pictures looked better than it really was.  They'll try again but Mum's going to practise a bit before attempting another one.  They are getting a lot more adventurous in their cake decorating and are making their own fondant decorations and Mum's been really practising her piping and getting quite good at it again.  She's really been enjoying it.  Jo went to the movies with a few of her friends and they then came back to our house for the present giving and cake cutting etc.  It was a lovely afternoon but VERY hectic. Mum took 3 days to recover.  Not me .....  I had a great time and yes ...... I did get to try the cake and I also got ICECREAM!!  It wouldn't be a birthday without ice-cream, aye???
Uh Oh ..... Herbie the photo bomber!!!!

Pinyata time!!  
She did ask for a rainbow unicorn cake.  Success on both counts, aye?
Awwwwww ... beautiful girl.  
Crikey ..... ten years make a BIG difference, aye??
Oh and I wanted to thank you all for popping over to check out Bianca's blog. You blokes are the best. Bianca's family have lots of animals and when she finishes this trip I'm going to try and talk her into continuing her blog and maybe she'll join us here in Blogville.  That would be good, aye??

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A new blogger!!

Is there anyone out there that likes a good read.  A friend of our Jen's has recently set out on a trip to the very top of Australia and she has, and is, still doing a very comical blog about it.  She and her husband are travelling with their 4 kids and, trust me, it is a good read.  You will see some great photos of a quite remote part of Australia in the process but you really should start at the beginning to get the full benefit.  HERE is the link.
Mum has really been enjoying the blog as she and Dad did this very same trip a hundred and 87 years ago. When they did it there were no campsites along the way and they had to free camp everywhere. There were NO facilities at all. It took them a lot longer than it is taking this family.  They weren't anywhere near as well set up either but they didn't have 4 kids in tow. They were told to take another couple with another 4WD as it was, supposedly, too dangerous to do it alone but Mum and Dad took no notice of that. Lucky for them they survived but only just if the stories I've heard are true.  I think it is a bit different these days. Mum and Dad hardly saw another vehicle for their entire trip.  I don't think that would happen anymore. One funny story they tell is when they saw a "house" and, as they were quite lost, decided to head on over and ask for directions. The house turned out to be 4 poles with a corrugated iron roof, no walls and a dirt floor. There was a family living there and the numerous kids and dogs and chooks and a couple of pigs came out to greet them.  The parents eventually wandered over too and told Mum and Dad the way to go.  "Just keep going along that track and you'll get to the place you want to go  (Princess Charlotte bay).  No-one's been out there for a while so we don't know what the track's like but you'll be right, mate. If you're not back in a few days we'll come out and look for you".  Well they never did find where they wanted to go but they did manage to see some interesting stuff along the way and made sure they were back so as the family didn't have to come looking for them.    
Our Jen went to work on Thursday Island soon after she graduated from University. She was a special education teacher, specialising in hearing impairment and her job was to travel to all of the Torres Strait Island communities and check on the kids that had hearing problems.  There were a lot of them. Nearly all the kids she saw were local Torres Strait Island kids and, unfortunately, they had and still have a lot of hearing issues.  She travelled by helicopter to the different Islands and would return to her home most nights.  She would sometimes stay overnight but not too often.  She'd never been in a chopper before and was terrified at first but soon learnt to love it.  The waters up there are inundated with all sorts of sea creatures, not to mention crocs, so the view from the chopper was always entertaining.  She ended up living on Horn Island (not Thursday Island) and her flatmate was Bianca, the Mum in the blog.   They became very good friends and are to this day.
Crikey .... such a long time ago now.  Our Jen's first school.  
Just some of her beautiful pupils.  
Teaching sign language!
 This was taken from Thursday Island looking toward Horn Island.  The colour of the water up there is amazing.  
Just so you don't forget what I look like!!
I'm sure, if you take the time, you will enjoy Bianca's blog. I sure hope you do.  I know if you left a comment or two Bianca would be over the moon.  She didn't think ANYONE would bother to read her blog.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The ears have it!!

Crikey ..... Mum loves gum tree trunks for some strange reason or other. She takes millions of pictures of them.  See I told you she's boring.  She took these a while back now and thought they were hilarious.  Do you see anything funny about them??  I sure don't?  Weird woman my Mum .....

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.