Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I survived ..... but only just!!

Crikey I'm over this .... I survived .... but only just!!  A break in the weather????  I could say something but it would be too rude.  There was a break in the weather. Enough for us to get out the door, into the car, drive for 5minutes to the golf course,  and walk 100 metres through a river of water before the sky opened up yet again.
This is the view out the front of our house.  It sure looked promising, aye??  First blue sky for days.  
She had a coat on of sorts and was carrying a big umbrella. We don't need heavy duty rain gear in Noosa so Mum's not really equipped for COLD, wet weather.  I was NAKED!!!!!  She expected me to chase the stupid ball ..... IN THE RAIN!!!!  Yeah ... like that's going to happen.  The only way I was running was back to the car. Did she ever call me some names.  Wuss was one of them, I recall.  Hmmmmmmph!!  We sat in the car for a while. I taught Mum a thing or two.  Crikey I was busting. Mum reckons I nearly gassed her to death.  She's been feeding me these new treats. Tripe!!!  Crikey they're good but they do give me ... ahhhhh ... to put it nicely ..... tummy rumbles.  The rain stopped again, after a bit, and off we went AGAIN!!  I was no sooner out of the car than I did a whopper of a 'you know what'.  I chased the ball, we walked and walked and I did 4 more 'you know whats'. Yep ..... you heard right!!  FOUR!!  That made 5 altogether.  

At least it's dry here!!
Can you see me?? I'm there!!
See ..... told you!!
I'm a great retriever, aye??
The dams a bit full
Just when we got about as far away from the car as we could the sky opened up again. I was off!!  I ran like you wouldn't believe. Straight back to the car and straight under it. It took Mum a while to get back. You should have seen her.  OMD!!  What a sorry sight.  She looked as if she'd been for a swim in one of the dams.  
Her fingers had turned all pruney and her Raynauds was playing up. Only one finger though. Not too bad, aye??
Serves her right ..... we could've stayed at home. I could have held those 5 'you know whats' in for another day or two. 

There's a great view of the escarpment out there ... you'll have to take my word for it I'm afraid.  
Crikey .... there wasn't any water here yesterday.  
Wow ..... there's a BIG waterfall at the end of this but there's no way we were walking down there to have a squiz.
pretty, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie. 


  1. Charlie we been having rain now for most afternoon. Not sure which way the weather travel. Are you closer to the Pacific or Indian ocean?...Consider we live about 7,600 miles or 12,200 kM.
    It to wet to go out and Daisy has her in door toys that some one toss for her.
    Coffee is on

  2. BOL - I fink da gas wuz just revenge for her callin ya a wimp.

  3. Oh my that looks like you live in da rain forest... and who wants to play waterball? in da rain? me not...

  4. It's just as well none of the green food colouring had been added to your new dietary supplements, Charlie! That would've gotten Mum hopping mad!

    I think it's time you came back home to Noosa! Stamp your four paws and demand to be brought back home, laddie!!

  5. Five Charlie! My what a productive dog you are. I love the flooding photos.

  6. The car must have been like a gas chamber for your mom when you let off some "Charlie Cologne" oh dear.. Those Tripe, you can't have too much at a time. It could have been some liquidy produce coming out of your other end instead of some "cologne". Take care mate!


  7. I think you had better not come and visit me in Norway then: a lot of rain and it can be quite cold too.

    Mara from Norway

  8. Our Lady just started having Raynaud's this year - she recognized it from the picture. Don't come to our place, you will want to die in the cold. It was only -11C this morning.

  9. No rain coat - what was your Mom thinking :) Hey our Mom has Raynauds too - she has to wear gloves even when she goes shopping and has to go near the fridges and freezers - people think she is crazy :)

  10. Hari OM
    OMD Charlie mate - I can so empathise; been no break here from the stuff either. Yuk. I second that you oughtta be demanding a return to Noosa quick sticks!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. I love that picture of you smiling underneath the umbrella, Charlie! Isn't tripe just the yummiest☺

  12. Lots of rain here!
    Though it is trouble to have rain or anything out of balance yet this has positive aspect too as your photos are eye holder! Wishing you a fine weather

  13. Hope you can keep yourself warm and dry there.

  14. Charlie, tripe is not supposed to make you go five times! OMD That's a lot especially for a rainy day. Yikes!

  15. Remind us not to eat tripe! Can't believe she made you go out in that rain!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. You and Mum need to come visit us hete in Arizona. Lots of warm sunshine. You'd have to run in the mornings cause it's too hot to run on sand in the afternoon but Mum's fingers would be nice and warm.


  17. You sure got some wild weather! It finally stopped snowing here last night around 5pm. Our total snowfall was over 26 inches! That's over my head! I'll post some more snow pictures tomorrow. There's a big snow drift on the roof with icicles hanging off it. Tell your Mom she can keep our pictures if she wants. We enjoy seeing your Australia photos too!

  18. Oh Charlie, we didn't think your Mum could be so cruel ! We hope you didn't catch a cold, but you do look sweet sitting under the umbrella.

    Inca xx

  19. Sounds like that rain has hit you hard. We had a CRAZY Monday....luckily right AFTER our morning walk. The skies were rumbling then, and the rest of the day was Lightning, thunder, deluge of rain, hail, rain, lightning.....ALL DAY!
    BUT we only had ONE day of it, so we were lucky. Glad you got out to RUN!

  20. G'Day Charlie... CRIKEY... you made FIVE (5) in one day... OMD Buddy... we BOW to your ability. You must feel MUCH better NOW. WOW... your mum's fingers really did look all pruney.... Maybe you ATE some Prunes... and that is how you managed to score FIVE. Just sayin.

    Do you want me to come over and sort her out?
    Toodle pip!

  22. FIVE???? Wow, that tripe must be a great stimulant:) Poor Mom, her fingers looks so cold and sore. Hope the sun has come out by now.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  23. Nekked in the rain!!! We are calling the authorities
    Lily & Edward

  24. OMD! Thank dogness you survived! Are you sure that your mom's hand was a real hand? That doesn't look real to us, it's way too pruney!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  25. I am sorry you got caught out in the rain. Twice! And your mom got pruned fingers. But you did go. When a dog wants to go on the offensive but has not weapons always resort the the fatal fart.

  26. Yucky!! Sorry to hear you got all wet did a great job of getting your Mama back BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  27. OMD, that is not nice weather. And FIVE you-know-whats in one walk. Your poor mom having to pick up that much crap! Aw, that Raynaud's... I have that too. I found a trick though. If I stay really well hydrated, it is less likely to happen. But everyone is different and that might only work for me. I hope that you get a sunny day soon!

  28. Crikey Charlie I might wanna run but I think I'll run up and down the stairs. What horrid wet nasty stormy weather. MOLMOL you 'gassed' the car up Matey! That is what you do when you are called a Wuss!
    My granny had Raynauds too. We know how it can just hop on you quickly when you get the least bit chilled and damp!
    Hugs O'Madi and O'mom

  29. I know what you mean we have had enough rain too.
    Five now that is impressive.

  30. Hey Charlie! Do you follow Millie and Walter's doggie blog? They live not far from us and just posted a great snow zoomies post with a video! You would love it!

  31. I am the same way. Me and da rain are not furiends. If I has to do a you know what or tinkle then I is holding it til the rain is gone not matter what Mama tries to do ;) Glad you got our fur a bit befur it came back.

    Matt(& Matilda)

  32. What a wetness blog!
    Did you roll all over the carpet to dry put when you got back inside? That's what I do. Petcretary calls it my torpedo moves.

    5 squats, OMD!!! Were there enough doggy pickup bags? BOL!

    Raynouds is sure a painful problem, not to mention it can be debilitating. Where did your Mom have her gloves? Back in Noosa? Its fall! They need to be in her pockets all the time:)

    Petcretary has gloves in all her pockets too...she doesn't have Raynauds, but she has cold urticaria...and she will swell up and get hives all over her body under those cold damp conditions. Had to go to ER for it too, once...still, she is not a hot weather seeker; go figure!

  33. We hear you! All this wet has got to stop or we will shrink and we're small enough already.
    Taco, Charlie and Miss T (also from Downunder)

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